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Eddie Casillas

Eddie was the Tribe's bass player from 1992 to 1999, before being replaced by Juan Perez. He appears on :

Title Year Reference number
Tribe Of Gypsies 1996 JVC/Victor VICP-5773
Nothing Lasts Forever 1997 JVC/Victor VICP-60102
Revolucion 13 1998 JVC/Victor VICP-60521
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 2000 JVC/Victor VICP-60889
Air Raid Records AIRCD11

Eddie also played on the following Bruce Dickinson albums (Iron Maiden vocalist) :

Title Year Reference number
Balls To Picasso 1994 EMI CDEMD1057
Accident Of Birth 1997 Castle/Raw Power RAWCD124
The Chemical Wedding 1998 Air Raid Records AIRCD1
Scream for me Brazil 1999 Air Raid Records AIRCD4

Revolutionary chemical warfare (11/1998)