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"One of the '90s most dynamic and underappreciated rock bands" - All Music Guide
"A summer stunner" - Classic Rock magazine
"Great songs and a great production, they should be huge - somewhere." - MelodicRock.com

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This is the Tribe's third full-length album.

The Japanese edition was released under the title of Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants, but was renamed to III in Europe.

Release dates
Japan: 01/01/00 - Ref: JVC/Victor VICP-60889
Europe: 19/06/00 - Ref: Air Raid Records AIRCD11

The Flower Roy Z, Bruce Dickinson 4:18
Rays Of The Sun
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Roy Z, Gregory Analla, David Ingraham 4:27
Admit It Juan Perez, Roy Z, Gregory Analla 3:42
It Don't Bother Me Ray Rodriguez, Roy Z, Gregory Analla 3:53
Puro Party Eddie Casillas, Roy Z, Mario Q 4:33
What Cha Want Roy Z, Gregory Analla 3:47
Angel Roy Z, Gregory Analla 4:03
Up Roy Z, Gregory Analla, Eddie Casillas, David Ingraham, Elvis Balladares 4:09
Better Days Roy Z, Gregory Analla, Mario Q 4:35
Dreams Roy Z, Mario Q 4:30
Puro Party (Reprise) Eddie Cassilas, Roy Z, Mario Q 2:47
Parisienne Walkways Gary Moore, Phil Lynott 15:13

Roy Z : guitars, mellotron
Gregg Analla : lead vocals
David Ingraham : drums & percussion
Elvis Balladares : percussion
Ray Rodriguez : keyboards
Juan Perez : bass

Mario Aguilar : additional percussion
Juan Perez : bass on Rays Of The Sun, Admit It and It Don't Bother Me
Roy Z : bass on The Flower, Angel and Dreams
Eddie Casillas : bass on Better Days, Puro Party, What Cha Want, Up and Parisienne Walkways

All tracks produced, mixed and engineered by Roy Z & Joe Floyd,
except tracks 2, 3 & 4 produced by Richard Polodor, mixed by Richard Polodor & Bill Cooper, and engineered by Bill Cooper

Recorded at Silver Cloud, Burbank, CA, American, Woodland Hills, CA & Rumba House, Sylmar, CA

Parisienne Walkways is dedicated to Philomena Lynott