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The Chemical Wedding

Release date: 1999 - Ref: Air Raid Records AIRCD1

King In Crimson Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z
Chemical Wedding Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z
The Tower Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z
Killing Floor Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smith
Book Of Thel Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z, Eddie Casillas
Gates Of Urizen Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z
Jerusalem Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z
Trumpets Of Jericho Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z
Machine Men Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smith
The Alchemist Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z
Return Of The King  
(Japan-only bonus track)
Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smith

Bruce Dickinson : vocals
Adrian Smith : guitar
Roy Z : guitar
Eddie Casillas : bass guitar
Dave Ingraham : drums

Roy, Bruce, Dave, Adrian and Eddie

Arthur Brown : spoken words
Frazeeke MC, The Guru, Willy 666, Craig Lichtenstein : background vocals on Killing Floor

Produced by Roy Z
Engineered by Joe Floyd, Stan Katayama and Roy Z
Recorded at Sound City, Van Nuys, CA & Silver Cloud Recording, Burbank, L.A.
Mixed at Brooklyn Recording, West Hollywood, L.A. by Stan Katayama and Roy Z
Mastered at A&M Mastering, Hollywood, L.A. by Dave Collins