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Juan Perez

Juan first played with the Tribe in October 1998, while Eddie Casillas was doing the European leg of the Chemical Wedding tour with Bruce Dickinson. So, when Eddie left for good, he filled the spot !

Juan appears on :

Title Year Reference number
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 2000 JVC/Victor VICP-60889
Air Raid Records AIRCD11
Dweller on the Threshold 2006 JVC/Victor

Juan also played on the following Bruce Dickinson album (Iron Maiden vocalist) :

Title Year Reference number
Tyranny Of Souls 2005 Mayan Records MYCN035

Juan's musical background includes latin, metal, jazz/fusion, and blues - in other words: the man is extremely versatile ! Juan actually toured Europe in 1997 with Civil Defiance, an L.A.-based avantgarde metal band, and played with Dave Lombardo from Slayer/Grip Inc. in a project called Philm.