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Did you see a ToG show way back in 1993 ? Did you wait two hours in the rain to meet the band ? Did you travel abroad to see the Tribe boys ? Do you have pictures to prove it ? If yes, you have what it takes to be a superfan (maybe). Sounds good ? So what are you waiting for ? Get in touch !

Akiko from Osaka, Japan. Akiko saw the Tribe shows in Japan in 1997. She also travelled to London in 1997 to see the Tribe boys with Bruce Dickinson. And in 1998, she went back to England to follow the complete Bruce Dickinson tour (5 shows!). Something tells me that the Tribe'd better play in Osaka on their next Japanese tour, or this young lady will chase them all over the country... Anyway, her favorite (and I mean "favorite") band member is Dave Ingraham. The drummer, Akiko ? Aw, come on... ;-) In October 2000, Akiko flew to California to catch the last four shows of the Tribe with Santana. Here are a whole bunch of very cool pictures that Akiko sent us. Arigato!
Emilie from Hamamatsu, Japan. If you look up the word "fanatic" in a music dictionary, you might just see Emilie's picture... Not only is she a huge ToG fan, but also a total Bruce, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest devotee (she sent us pictures of these guys too!). And since she also sent a couple of BURRN! magazines featuring ToG pictures, we hereby name her Superfan #2 :-) Her favorite band member is Eddie "El Oso" Casillas. Special message for you, Eddie : "Your smile is as bright as the sunshine". Wow.... And I could I forget these importants facts : Emilie has a pretty weird looking cat and she's a strong manatee advocate. Got that ? Enjoy her very cool pictures. Arigato!