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Nothing Lasts Forever

"This band is not to be taken lightly. Buy." - Hard Roxx magazine
"An impressive recording." - All Music Guide

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This mini-album was the last recorded with Dean Ortega.

Release date : 21/08/97 - Ref: JVC/Victor VICP-60102

Sound clips format : ZIP'ed Realaudio (40Kbit/s , mono).

Nothing lasts forever
sound clip (1:50, 600Kb)
Roy Z, Robbyn Garcia 4:29
sound clip (2:20, 740Kb)
Eddie Casillas, Roy Z, Dean Ortega 4:24
Turn around Roy Z, Eddie Casillas, David Ingraham, Dean Ortega 4:31
I'm a man Steve Winwood, Jimmy Miller
original version by the Spencer Davis Group on the I'm A Man LP (1967)
sound clip (1:30, 470Kb)
Roy Z, Doug Van Booven, Mario Quiroga 3:57
Oh well Peter Green
original version by Fleetwood Mac on the Then Play On LP (1969)

Roy Z : guitar, vocals and percussion
Edward Casillas : bass guitar, vocals and percussion
Mario Aguilar : timbales & percussion
David Ingraham : drums & percussion
Elvis Balladares : percussion
Dean Ortega : lead vocals

Doug Van Booven : congas, percussion & vocals
Richard Baker & Greg Shultz : keyboards
Rey Oropeza : Gangland rap (courtesy of Downset)
Mario Quiroga & Linda Bahia : vocals on Melena

Produced by Roy Z
Co-produced by Shay Baby and the Tribe of Gypsies
Engineered by Joe Floyd, Shay Baby & Roy Z
Mixed by Joe Floyd & Roy Z
Recorded at Silver Cloud studios & American Recording