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Revolucion 13

"An indisputable triumph" - All Music Guide
"This definitely falls into the buy or die category" - Midwestern Skies

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This is Tribe's second full-length album and the first one with new vocalist Gregory Analla, formerly with New Mexico's Seventhsign.

Release date: 21/11/98 - Ref: JVC/Victor VICP-60521

Sound clips format : ZIP'ed Realaudio (40Kbit/s , mono).

Aztlan Mario Aguilar & Roy Z 2:15
What's Up?
sound clip (2:25, 740Kb)
Eddie Casillas, Gregory Analla, Rey Oropeza & Roy Z 4:20
Summer Rain Roy Z & Gregory Analla 6:02
Revolucion 13 Roy Z 8:38
Landslide The Tribe of Gypsies 5:39
Spanish Blue
full MP3 song
Roy Z, Gregory Analla & Charles Drouillet 7:01
Collapse Roy Z & Gregory Analla 4:54
Mother's Cry
sound clip (1:40, 520Kb)
Eddie Casillas, Gregory Analla & Roy Z 8:05
Aztlan Reprise Mario Aguilar & Roy Z 3:50
Pancho Villa (Part 1) The Tribe of Gypsies & Victor Baez 4:19
Roy's solo! (4:30, 1.4Mb)
Composed and arranged by Dave Ingraham on a theme by Roy Z 7:51

Roy Z : guitar, vocals and percussion
Edward Casillas : bass guitar, vocals and percussion
Mario Aguilar : timbales & percussion
David Ingraham : drums & percussion
Elvis Balladares : percussion
Gregory Analla : lead vocals

Rey Oropeza : vocals on What's Up
Victor Baez : Bata on Revolucion 13, vocals and conga on Pancho Villa
Mario Q : vocals on Freedom
Al Martin : flute, vocals
Ray Rodriguez : B3, Rhodes on Aztlan, What's Up and Spanish Blue
David Torres : piano on Aztlan Reprise
Greg Schultz : B3, Mellotron, Piano, ARP on Summer Rain, Revolucion 13, Landslide, Collapse and Mother's Cry

Produced by Roy Z
Co-produced by Joe Floyd & the Tribe of Gypsies
Engineered and mixed by Joe Floyd & Roy Z
Assistant Engineer : Rich "The Guru" Carrette
Recorded and mixed at Silver Cloud, Burbank, CA
Vocal pre-production at Sound Chaser Studios, Albuquerque, NM
Mastered by Dave Collins at A&M Mastering
Drum tech : Matt Loneau
Drum rentals : Jorge Palacios
Guitar tech : the Guru