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David Ingraham

Dave was the Tribe's drummer from 1992 to 1999, before being replaced by Dave Moreno.

Since 2001, Dave plays in Celtic Rock band The Young Dubliners.

Dave appears on :

Title Year Reference number
Tribe Of Gypsies 1996 JVC/Victor VICP-5773
Nothing Lasts Forever 1997 JVC/Victor VICP-60102
Revolucion 13 1998 JVC/Victor VICP-60521
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 2000 JVC/Victor VICP-60889
Air Raid Records AIRCD11

Dave also played on the following Bruce Dickinson albums (Iron Maiden vocalist) :

Title Year Reference number
Balls To Picasso 1994 EMI CDEMD1057
Accident Of Birth 1997 Castle/Raw Power RAWCD124
The Chemical Wedding 1998 Air Raid Records AIRCD1
Scream for me Brazil 1999 Air Raid Records AIRCD4
The Bruce Dickinson And Then Some Page (10/2005)
Revolutionary chemical warfare (11/1998)