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Gregory Analla - vocals
Dan Rivera - guitar
Richard Nance - drums
Glen Krause, then Rich Evans, then Tom Michaels - bass

In 1992, singer Gregory Analla left L.A for his homestate of New Mexico. In L.A., he had worked with Jeff Young (former Megadeth guitarist, then in No Mercy) and producer Chris Minto (Sammy Hagar, Kiss, Pat Benatar). During his No Mercy times, he bumped into guitarist Dan Rivera, with whom he had previously played in cover bands in Albuquerque. At that time, Dan was doing clinics for Fender and Digitech. They talked about starting a new band and headed back to New Mexico. Rivera and Analla started writing songs and it quickly became clear what direction they would take : Melodic Progressive Metal.

They were soon joined by drummer Richard Nance, also a New Mexico native. The line-up was completed by bass player Glenn Krause. Seventhsign quickly recorded a highly praised 6-song demo, Blueprint (1993).At this point, Seventhsign was ready to hit the road. They quickly made a name for themselves thanks to countless shows, from small clubs to arenas (where they opened for the likes of Slaughter, Winger, Extreme or the Vince Neil Band). Quite logically, Japanese label Alfa heard about them and signed them.

With producer George Tutko (XYZ, Lita Ford, Journey), they recorded their first album, Perpetualdestiny (1996), on which Rich Evans replaced Glen Krause. The European press then discovered Seventhsign at the Foundations Forum and a European deal was soon signed with a German label, InsideOut. Perpetualdestiny was re-released in Europe with a new cover artwork, a new booklet and a bonus track (Liquified).

After more touring across the USA, the band then released their second album, Transparent/Millennium (1997), Rich Evans being replaced by Tom Michaels.  But management problems soon arose and unfortunately, Seventhsign split in mid-1997.