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26/09/0000, Coconut Teaszer, Hollywood, CA

First published in Rock City News vol.18 no.21, October 19th 2000. Written by Johnny Best.

I rarely hear a new band that I can get really excited about. In this case I had heard Tribe of Gypsies once before, but I had just caught the tail end of one of their sets many months ago. Even on that basis, I had taken note of their deep level of expression. This is one entertaining bunch of guys, one of the tightest local bands I've ever heard. It would be easy to say that on some songs they sound like Santana. They have the conga and that salsa influence. And while guitar player Roy Z can be adept in that slow lead style of you know who, this is one of those few cases where the student could conceivably get on stage with the master and give him a run for his money. Hearing hom play on other songs and even jamming little riffs between the numbers, it is clear that he has an enormous range as a guitar player (he CAN rock), always extraordinarily melodic with great tonal flavor

As the band was taking the stage, a ton of people just seemed to appear in the audience and they responded enthusiastically to singer Gregg Analla's dear, soulful, heartfelt and especially stylish vocals. Danilo Torres was steady on drums, Juan Perez kicked in a lively bouncing bass while Ray Rodriguez (keyboards) and Elvis (congas) contributed to the party atmosphere. The songs like Rays Of The Sun and Summer Rain were appealing and infectious, and I think that they have a great deal of potential to carve a place for themselves in the next generation of latin influenced music if they continue to take bold steps in the pop direction. In the melting pot of World Music, they have succeeded in creating a vital chemistry. I should add that Analla himself is one of the most warm and personnaly engaging personalities I have encountered on the local scene, even off stage, and in this people business there is no greater asset for future stardom.