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23/09/1999 - Coconut Teaser, Hollywood, CA

Los Angeles based rockers, Tribe Of Gypsies, performed live at The Coconut Teaser on September 23rd and showed why they are one of Rock Music's finest rock acts! Powered by the mesmerizing vocals of Greg Analla and the brilliant guitar play of guitarist extraordinaire, Roy Z., the Tribe Of Gypsies put on a show that was definitely one for the ages!

My partner, Bill "The Rocker" Rowan and myself decided to get to the venue early, just to make sure that we didn't have to fight for choice seating. For those who have been to the Coconut Teaser and know how small the venue is, you know what I mean. We've arrived at around 8:15 p.m., got our drinks and decided to wait out in the patio area. All we could talk about was how excited we were to see the Tribe play. Prior to the show, earlier that evening, I decided to get myself psyched up for the occasion by listening to the Tribe Of Gypsies latest release, 'Revolucion 13'. Needless to say it did the trick! I was stoked and ready to rock! This would be my second time seeing Tribe Of Gypsies perform. The first time was about three years ago at The Palace in Hollywood when the band performed at the Phil Lynott Tribute Show.

The moment of truth came around, 10:15 p.m., when the Tribe Of Gypsies took to the stage and opened their set with the Latin infused instrumental, Revolucion 13, that set the tone of what was about to unfold right before my eyes and ears! Now being familiar with Greg Analla's work with Seventhsign , I was very curious to see how his voice would fit in with the Tribe Of Gypsies in a live environment. My curiosity was answered ten fold! As soon as Greg stepped up to the mic and started singing, Rays Of The Sun, a new track from the band's upcoming new release, Standing On The Shoulders Of Two Giants, it was obvious that Greg's voice fit the Tribe Of Gypsies like a glove. Analla's voice is hypnotic, melodic and powerful that possesses outstanding range! As far as stage presences in concerned, this guy has it down to an art.

Up next another new track, Bother Me, and this time Roy Z., let his presence be known. The one thing that amazes me is that as brilliant as guitar player as Roy Z. is, why hasn't he gotten the true respect and recognition that he truly deserves. When you hear Roy Z. play guitar, it hits you right between the eyes. The energy and emotion that flows through his playing in simply unbelievable! By this time it was obvious that the crowd that was there was captured by the Tribe's spell. It was if we were all in a trance. A feeling that I could only describe as pure magical musical bliss!

The Tribe rocked on with the groove induced rocker, What's Up, from Revolucion 13, that got the crowd's adrenaline pumping big time! One of the evening's highlights without a doubt was when Greg Analla stepped up to the mic and introduced the next song, Spanish Blue. You know that euphoria or rush that you feel after smoking some real good stuff! Well, just imagine that times ten! Definitely one of the finest songs I've ever heard. Roy's guitar solo, left me and everyone in the venue simply in awe! Summer Rain, another track from Revolucion 13, was up next. What can I say, Greg Analla's voice is truly heaven sent. By this time I was feeling comfortably numb. I had a feeling that I would be totally blown away by the Tribe, that was a given, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would hit me like this! This year I've been to a lot of shows that I considered great, but the Tribe Of Gypsies performance tonight I consider BRILLIANT!

The Tribe finished there set with two songs from their self-titled debut release, Party and En Mi Barrio, bringing a close to an evening that left me and everyone there in complete euphoria! I have always considered the Tribe Of Gypsies to be one of the best rock band's I've ever listened to and tonight the band proved my point. For those who have not had the pleasure of experiencing the Tribe Of Gypsies music, you are definitely missing out on one of Rock Music's finest! I would suggest visiting the band web site at http://www.tribeofgypsies.com , a getting your hands on their CDs. I guarantee that your listening experience will be one of pure musical bliss!

In closing, I would like to thank Roy Z., Greg Analla and the rest of the Tribe Of Gypsies, for a performance that was truly one of the best performance I've seen in a long time. You guys are simply awesome!

Tony aka The Atomic Chaser & Bill "The Rocker" Rowan