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13/11/1998 - Martini Lounge, Hollywood, CA

Thanks to Chris.

Just came back from the TOG show at the Martini Lounge. The show went over really well after things got off to a slooowww start. Originally, load-in was scheduled for 7.30pm - only no soundman or club personnel showed up until after 8, and the band was supposed to go on at 8.30 at the latest! So the whole Tribe and a bunch of their friends got a little sidewalk party happening right there on the spot. It's a good thing none of the black-and-whites cruising Melrose bothered to investigate the commotion...Delays aside, the whole set kicked serious butt even though the guys didn't get a soundcheck or linecheck, and the crowd absolutely loved it!

"Revolucion 13" and "Firedance" got things going in a hurry, and a sizzling "En Mi Barrio" took it up another notch. It was loud as hell, but the mix was actually surprisingly good - even Ray's keys were right there when it counted. Up next was "Landslide" - a premiere of sorts as it had never been played live with Juan and Jorge in the band. The "Love! Hate!" crescendo at the end was incredible and the guys managed to end in unison - almost anyway :-) The soothing "Spanish Blue" was the perfect counterpoint after all the madness, climaxing in one of those soul stirring guitar journeys Roy Z is famous for. In the words of Jim Carrey: Schmo-king! "Summer Rain" picked up the pace quite nicely before the boys minus Gregg got down instrumentally and delivered a wicked "Atzlan". Then it was "Party" time! A longtime crowd pleaser, this one really got the place rockin' and gave Elvis, Mario, Jorge, and Juan an opportunity to show off some of their killer chops.

Just when it seemed things couldn't get any hotter, Rey Oropeza from Downset got up on the tiny stage and together with the Tribe delivered a shit heavy in-yer-face version of "What's Up?", which went over BIG TIME! Needless to say, the crowd wasn't about to let the band go without an encore even though the soundman signalled that the time was up. Not tonight. The place got real loud in an instant with chants of "T-O-G! T-O-G!" filling the room, and the guys pulled out an oldie-but-goodie, "Superstitious" (it was Friday the 13th after all...), and brought things to a close in classic fashion.