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20/10/1998, Tempest Supper Club, Hollywood, CA

"This can't be the place..." was our first reaction when my girlfriend and I showed in front of the venue. We had arrived in L.A. a couple of hours before, coming straight from Dallas, TX (where we were supposed to spend our holiday). Almost 2000 miles in three days... That evening, I heard the words "You're completely insane!" a bunch of times :-)

Anyway, I walked in quite early and the place was empty. Starting to doubt my map-reading abilities, I fortunately ran into a now-familiar face :

"Excuse me, are you with the Tribe ?"
"Yes, I'm Mario."
"Mario...Aguilar ?"

Pffeeeew... This is the place, yes sir-eeee. Intriguely named "Tempest Supper Club", this joint is basically a bar. A small bar. But hey, that's the perfect choice for a warm-up gig : if you fuck up, who's to know? and if you do great, the happy few in the audience will have a fantastic time ! After a quick dinner across the street, we headed back for the Tempest and went in.

Hmmm, wait a minute, I know the guy with that golden guitar. Of course, it's Roy ! Yeah, babe, this is it. As we proceeded towards one of the few tables, we were intercepted by Chris and he did some of the "You're completely insane!" thingy I told you about earlier :-) In the next minutes, Roy and Gregg showed up to say hi (and in turn ""You're completely insane!"-ing us some more)

But it was now time for the show. Despite a weak P.A., the show stunned me. I've seen quite a few bands perform in all kinds of venue, from suburb garages to 70000-seater arenas. And rarely, if ever, have I seen something like this. Oozing with charisma, showcasing awesome musicianship, the boys simply stunned me. Now I know what it may have felt like to see Iron Maiden at the Ruskin Arms in 1976... The setlist was something like this : Revolucion 13 (the Clint Eastwood part), What's up?, Summer rain, Spanish blue, Aztlan reprise, Firedance, Nothing lasts forever, Turn around, Party.

The Tribe played for about 45mn and everyone enjoyed every second of it. Roy proved once more that all you need to shred is a guitar and an amp. Period. My advice : drop to your knees and worship the mighty Z...NOW ! Gregg did a very good job (given the shitty P.A.) and nobody in their right mind would think that he's not a very valuable addition to an already killer lineup. Kudos to Juan (bass) and Jorge (drums) for convincingly filling the large shoes of Eddie and Dave after only two rehearsals! As to Elvis and Mario, they happily pounded away on...whatever the names of their instruments are!

All in all, an excellent show definitely worth the 2000-mile drive :-) But the best was to come...