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24/09/1998 - Scruffy O'Shea's, Marina Del Rey, CA

Thanks to Chris for this review.

I just got back from Scruffy's a couple of hours ago. I'm biased, of course, but man, the Tribe SMOKED!!! They had a pretty good crowd for an early show - especially considering the club was in a part of town where they had never played before - and everybody was totally into it! Roy just about blew the roof off the joint all by himself with his out-of-this-world guitar playing, and Gregory Analla, the new vocalist, sounded great on both the old and new tunes. All the ther guys were awesome, too, and just a pleasure to watch.

There were some pretty heavy industry people in attendance checking out the band. Hopefully, one of the labels out there will wise up and make on offer in the coming weeks so this show can get on the road for good in 1999.