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20/08/96, Hollywood Palace, Hollywood, CA

Thanks to The Atomic Chaser for this review.

On August 20th at the Palace in Hollywood, Calfornia some of L.A.'s cutting edge rock bands got together to pay tribute to one rock musics icon's, Philip Paris Lynott: The Wild One.

The Thin Lizzy faithful were out in full force. Not only were they going to be graced by artists that were set to perform, but also to have the opportunity to meet Phil's mom, Philomena Lynott. At 8:00 p.m. the Palace doors opened and as you entered the venue I could here "Jailbreak" playing in the back- ground that was accompanied by pictures of Phil flashing above the stage. Watching those pictures flash accompanied by the music reminded me of how much I loved Phil's work. It was definitely a sad day for me when Phil left us. John Sykes was headlining the show also set to perfom were OSLO, HUMAN NATURE, SOMA, RUDE AWAKENING, PHANTOM BLUE, MARC FERRARI AND FRIENDS, STASH and TRIBE OF GYPSIES featuring guitar extrodinaire Roy Z. who recorded with Bruce Dickinson(who was also slated to perform). Also set to perform after a two year hiatus was BANG TANGO.

8:30 p.m. the stagelights hit the stage and first up was OSLO a three piece power trio that opened their set with "Bad Reputation" and they did a damn good job! I remember thinking to myself that these guys should have a record deal, they were that good! All there members played complimented each other. OSLO closed their set with "Chinatown" one of my personal favorites. To put it simply, they ROCKED!!! Good job guys!

Up next MARC FERRARI AND FRIENDS, they were lots of great performances that night, but there were only two sets that really got my juices flowing, this set and the other I will tell you later about. Joining Marc on stage were Ian Mayo(BMR) and former SOUND BARRIER guitarist Spacey Tracey and vocalist Bernie K. I was just floored and when they opened their set with "Hollywood(Down On Your Luck) I was speechless. It was nice seeing Spacey and Bernie perform again, According Spacey, "This was the first time me and Bernie played together since our Sound Barrier days, and man! did it feel great!" Marc Ferrari has to be the busiest man in rock today, this guy has so many things going, I don't know how he does it. More power to you Marc! They closed their set with "Suicide" and what can I say, they were awesome!

Next at bat was HUMAN NATURE another local L.A. band that has potential. They opened their set with "Out In The Fields" a song that Phil recorded with Gary Moore off the 'RUN FOR COVER' album. One guestion kept bugging me that night and it was, why aren't these bands signed to record deals yet? And if they are who runs their promotions department? These bands need to be exposed and without good promotions there talents will be limited to playing in bars and venues like the Palace and their talents wasted and never to be heard of. The band closed their set with another favorite of mine "Dancing In The Moonlight(Its Got Me In Its Spotlight)". Good band with good musicians.

PHANTOM BLUE took their turned an opened with "Bad Reputation" which they recorded on their cd 'Built For Speed' with John Norum. This all female band proved that they can rock with the best of them. I was very impressed by the musicianship of this ladies. They closed their set with one of their own songs off the 'Built For Speed' cd. You ladies rocked! Great set.

STASH, formerly known as LIFE AFTER DEATH were next in line. STASH features Gonzo Sandoval who pounded the skin for Armored Saint. The band opened their set with "Genocide(Killing Of The Buffalo)" what got me about this set was guitarist Terry Williams from a distant he looks like Scott Gorham with his long hair waving as he played his guitar and man can this guy play! This is another band that has strong potential of making it big. They closed their set with "Hey You".

The next set was perfomed by TRIBE OF GYPSIES, this was the other set I considered one ot the best that evening. At first I didn't know what to expect all I heard about the band was that it featured Roy Z. I have always been curious about this band and when I heard they were performing I got my chance to see what they band was all about. They did not let me down! They opened their set with "Johnny The Fox" and it was awesome! Roy Z. is definitely one of the best guitarist around. Why haven't these guys been signed yet?! TRIBE OF GYPSIES is a band that deserves a record deal now! They closed their set with "Parisienne Walkways" and Roy Z. hit each note dead on! For a moment there I thought I was listening to Gary Moore. You guys are simply awesome.

Just when I thought Roy Z. was finished for the night. SOMA hit the stage and opened with "Wild One" the band was good, but the sound mix was not right, the guitarist for SOMA had his guitar set up to high. Maybe it was just me, but my eyes and hears were on Roy Z. I can't say enough about this guy. SOMA closed their set with "Still In Love With You" . A good set, not a great set, but a good set.

There were a few surprises that night, Billy Sheenan of Mr. Big joined SOMA for a blistering version of "Warrior" and Rudy Sarzo of Quite Riot famed came on stage and jammed with SOMA on "Cowboy Song", It was a real sight to see two of rocks premire bassists playing that night.

BANG TANGO was up next and after a two year hiatus from perfoming live, I would have to say it showed. They opened their set with "Cowboy Song" it was obvious that the time spent away from each other showed in their playing, but they did try their best to get the house rocking. BANG TANGO has been around for a long time I will give them that. Maybe after a few more shows they will recapture the magic they once had. They closed their set with "Whiskey In A Jar" a song that they just learned to play that evening and it showed. BANG TANGO is a good straighahead in your face rock band, but that night they struggled.

RUDE AWAKENING blasted onto the stage with a song off the new cd, 'Scaring The Paper People", these guys were by far the heaviest act that perfomed that night. to close their set out RUDE AWAKENING belted out a killer version of "Sha-la-la-la". RUDE AWAKENING has a promising future ahead of them and judging by the reaction of the crowd its only a matter of time before the whole world will know about RUDE AWAKENING.

As the set was being prepared for the next act, I had the opportunity to meet Phil's mom Philomena Lynott. It was an honor meeting her. A very sweet lady. I wanted to ask her so many things but there wasn't enough time. Thanks for sigining the brochure.

John Sykes was scheduled to close out the show, but I overheard someone saying that John was not going to show up. My heart sank. I wanted to see John Sykes perform so bad and to hear this just to the air out of my sails. I found out later that due to unforseen circumstance John could not be there. Though I was sad that he did not show up my night was not a total waste. Groups like TRIBE OF GYPSIES, MARC FERRARI, STASH and RUDE AWAKENING made up for it. All in all the show was great. I just wish John Sykes was there, maybe next time.

In closing I would like to send a message to the record companies. After watching and hearing the above mentioned bands, I would hope these bands get signed and signed soon with a record deal. These bands are playing night after night busting there asses for that one break. Its sad to see that record companies are signing bands that shouldn't even be signed and overlook the true talented bands. I know that money is the is issue and it will always be like that, but come on there are still some of us who wanted to hear good hard rock music. That is why I support the smaller labels that give these band a chance. As a fan of hard rock music I cannot limit myself to what you want me to buy or listen to. To all the bands out their that are struggling to make it, keep the faith, your time is gonna come!

Set list

  • Oslo:
    • Bad Reputation
    • Chinatown
  • Mark Dignam:
    • Kathleen
    • Little Girl In Bloom
    • Sarah
  • Marc Ferrari and Friends:
    • Hollywood (Down on your luck)
    • Suicide
  • Phantom Blue:
    • Bad Reputation
    • Anti-Love Crunch
  • Human Nature:
    • Out In The Fields
    • Dancin' in the Moonlight
  • Stash:
    • Killing of the Buffalo
    • Hey You
  • Bang Tango:
    • Cowboy Song
    • Whiskey in the Jar
  • Tribe of Gypsies:
    • Johnny the Fox
    • Parisienne Walkways
  • Soma :
    • Wild One
    • Still in Love with You
    • Massacre w/Rudy Sarzo
    • The Rocker w/Billy Sheehan
  • Iron Cross:
    • Are You Ready
    • Warrior
  • John Bainbridge and the Lovebombs :
    • Dancin' In The Moonlight
  • Philomena Lynott speaks:
  • Rude Awakening:
    • It's Only Money
    • Sha La La
    • Couldn't Give It Up
      (an original song about Phil)
  • All Star Jam:
    • Emerald (Roy Z. & SOMA)
    • Jailbreak (John Norum, Carmine Appice & SOMA)