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The Best Of

This compilation features two new Bruce songs, Broken and Silver Wings, as well as many songs which were previously unavailable.

Release date: 2002 - Ref: MISCD014

Broken * B. Dickinson, Roy Z
Tatooed Millionaire B. Dickinson, J. Gers
Laughing In The Hiding Bush (live) B. Dickinson, A. Dickinson, Roy Z
Tears Of The Dragon B. Dickinson
The Tower * B. Dickinson, Roy Z
Born in 58 B. Dickinson, J. Gers
Accident Of Birth * B. Dickinson, Roy Z
Silver Wings * B. Dickinson, Roy Z
Darkside Of Aquarius * B. Dickinson, Roy Z
Chemical Wedding * B. Dickinson, Roy Z
Back From The Edge B. Dickinson, A. Dickson
Road To Hell * B. Dickinson, A. Smith
Book Of Thel (live) * B. Dickinson, Roy Z, E. Casillas
Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter
(original soundtrack version)
B. Dickinson 
Darkness Be My Friend B. Dickinson 
Wicker Man (1997) * B. Dickinson, Roy Z
Real World * B. Dickinson, Roy Z
Acoustic Song * B. Dickinson, Roy Z
No Way Out... Continued B. Dickinson 
Midnight Jam * B. Dickinson, A. Smith, Roy Z
Man Of Sorrows * B. Dickinson 
Ballad Of Mutt B. Dickinson 
Re-entry B. Dickinson 
I'm In A Band With An Italian Drummer C. Dale 
Jerusalem (live) * B. Dickinson, Roy Z
The Voice Of Crube B. Dickinson 
Dracula D. Siviter & A. Siviter

Produced by Roy Z