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Gregg Analla interview by Atomic Chaser, August 1999

Tribe Of Gypsies have always been one of my favorite Rock bands and with the band's latest release, Revolucion 13, they have bridged the gap between Latin and American rock music even closer. One of the main reasons is the band's lead singer, Greg Analla. A singer who possesses a voice that is filled with melodic grace and unbridled emotion. I had an opportunity to ask Greg some questions on his thoughts about being in Tribe Of Gypsies a this what he had to say......

How does it feel to be singing for Tribe Of Gypsies ? Had you heard about the Tribe before you joined the band?

Singing for the Tribe has been great! All of the guys in the band are incredible musicians and they are all pretty crazy as well so there is always something hilarious going on at all times! As for hearing about them - yes I had, they had been trying to get me in the band for some time and I would get a call from their management occasionally. I'm also a big Bruce Dickinson fan so I would always read in the liner notes about them and it sparked my curiosity - I figured if they were playing with Bruce then they've gotta be great!

Aside from the musical direction, how does the Tribe gig differ from the other bands your were in like Seventhsign and 9.0 ?

I'm finding out that a lot of the same things I used to use, say - to get the crowd going, or certain vocal techniques don't transfer well at all over to the style that the Tribe has. I had to rethink everything! But I welcomed the challenge. With Seventhsign and 9.0 I was using a rougher voice. In the Tribe I'm actually singing more so a lot of people told me that they enjoy my voice even more now. Although there is that part of me inside that wants to scream like a beast at times!!! Ha ha!

Many fans may remember your work with Seventhsign. You released two albums, Perpetual Destiny and Millennium (Transparent in the U.S). Both I thought were excellent albums. Do you have any plans to work with Seventhsign in the future ?

Yes we have talked about it. Right now we are in the midst of putting together a greatest hits album with a couple of added studio trax. The plan is to pick some of the trax that we like and maybe have the fans vote (via the internet) on what songs they think should go on the CD and then remix them. We've already got some label interest so it looks like it's going to happen.

Revolucion 13 has been released, what are you thoughts about the album? What are you favorite tracks ?

Rev' is an album that I'm really proud of. The music that the Tribe put together was really deep and ethereal and it was fun getting lost in it and working with the guys. As for my favorites I like all of it, each song had its own vibe and identity but as for me, each song was a challenge and I had to dig deep inside in order to accomplish what needed to be done so all of the songs hold a special place in my heart.

What it is like, jamming with Roy Z and the rest of Tribe ?

Roy is amazing ! He is so full of ideas and creativity, and his skills as a producer are impeccable. He is able to pull a lot out of you when it comes down to laying down tracks and that in turn makes for a better album more feel. The rest of the guys are amazing as well! A lot of the Tribe's work happens right on the spot so it is important that you are confident as a musician in order to get the work done, and all of the guys are definitely capable of that!

I understand that you and the rest of band will be going back into the studio to work on the next Tribe album in June, can you give us some info on the new material ? Will it be along the same lines as, Revolucion 13 ?

Well as I am writing this we have just finished recording the new album. It is called Standing On The Shoulders Of Two Giants. As for the question "is it along the same lines", not really. Rev' was more of a concept album in that it was written as almost one piece of music. With Standing On The Shoulders Of Two Giants, each song is completely different from one another, it all fits, but each song is different. We covered an array of musical styles some heavy, some totally radio ready, some sampled stuff and even some borderline techno stuff. It's definitely more mainstream than Rev13, but that's what we were aiming for. I know that the next album will be a lot darker and heavier.

You have such a unique and powerful voice with great range. As a singer, who were your influences ?

I listen to a lot of female vocalists (Jane Child, Kate Bush to name a couple) but as for influences in the rock area I would have to say : Bruce Dickinson for sure, Glen Hughes, Corey Glover.

Roy Z has mentioned that the band plans to re-record all Tribe Of Gypsies albums in Spanish, what are you thoughts on that and will you be doing the vocals ?

I think it's great! And yes I'll be singing on them. I'm Native American but in the tribe that my mother is from (Isleta) it is not uncommon to hear Tewa (the language of Isleta) and Spanish in the same sentence. That is how closely the Conquistadors integrated with the indigenous Tribes here in New Mexico. And that is what the Tribe of Gypsies is all about, the merging of our different cultures.

Rock music has all but taken a backseat in today's music scene. I personally think that rock music in general does get enough airplay or radio or music television. Do you think Rock music will make a comeback in the new millennium?

I agree. I think that rock may be on the upswing as we speak. I mean all of these 80's bands are getting re-signed as of late and I've even noticed that a lot of the radio stations are playing a lot of old school type music. That can only influence the younger generation into playing rock.

I personally have enjoyed listening to your work with Seventhsign and Tribe Of Gypsies, your vocals have an uncanny way of bringing the songs you sing to life. How would you describe your vocal talents ?

Thank you! It always means so much to me when people tell me things like that, this business can be really trying at times, but it's the fans that always make it worthwhile.Well, ever since I opened my mouth to sing I knew that I had to pursue this dream. I'm very happy with the gift that I got from our Creator. I also attribute it to my grandfather who was a medicine man and a Cantador. He was actually the first of our family to get recorded back in the late 1800s onto the old wax cylinders, there is more info on my site at http://www.thuntek.net/greganalla

Do you have any other projects in the works beside Tribe Of Gypsies? Maybe another album with Seventhsign ?

Well, the Seventhsign thing is as it stands in the above statement. Aside form my artwork at the above site, I've got a solo album in the works. The project is called Shard and will be mostly acoustic and steeped with nuances from my Native American Culture. You can find out more at my site as well.

In closing, do you have a message for all the Tribe Of Gypsies fans ?

First of all I wanted to thank all of the old Tribe fans for accepting me into this elite realm!!! Everyone has been great and the support has been overwhelming! I can't thank you enough! We've got a lot of shows to do for you now and we are looking forward to rocking you into the next Millennium! Hope to see you out there!!!! Peace!!!!

In closing, I would like to thank Greg for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions. Truly one of Rock Music's finest voices

Tony aka The Atomic Chaser