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Mike, Ray, Gregg & Craig,
chilling out on Hollywood Boulevard

Gregory Analla - vocals
Craig Small - guitar
Ray Luzier - drums
Mike Andrews - bass

9.0 started out in L.A. in 1991, signed on Schrapel Records and released a first CD with vocalist Peter Marrino, previously in LeMans and Cacophony (with Marty Friedman and Jason Becker). He was then replaced by Gregg and the band started playing a number of gigs around L.A.

One particular show at the Troubadour received rave reviews thanks to the excellent musicianship of Craig, Ray and Mike and to Gregg's awesome vocals. 9.0 also played at the Jason Becker benefit concert, which featured Zakk Wylde, Alex Skolnick, Tony MacAlpine, etc. In short, everybody foresaw 9.0 as the next big thing, but the band quickly broke-up.